They cannot be forgotten.


The outlook for children in 2022 is stark. Today, a record number of children - 1 in 6 - are living in war zones the world has all but forgotten. This is not just another news story.

It has been 6 months since the escalation of the international armed conflict in Ukraine on the 24th February earlier this year. 6 months on and there is still no safe place for children in Ukraine. The war in Ukraine had caused the fastest and largest displacement of people in Europe since World War II.

But sadly, Ukraine is just one country where children are living in a war zone. There are children and their families in countries like Syria and Yemen - who also have been affected by a conflict - cannot be forgotten. They need our help today, more than ever.

Conflict is raging across the world: from Syria to Yemen, to Ukraine. And there’s no end in sight. The war on children continues.

They are on the frontline of an unprecedented global humanitarian crisis and their right to survival, protection and education is under immediate threat. Conflict means hunger, poverty, danger, no healthcare, loss of education and fear.

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, children were already facing a triple-threat from conflict, climate change and acute food shortages. The COVID-19 pandemic could reverse decades of hard-won progress on children’s access to nutrition, education, health, wellbeing and other rights.

With your support, we can help millions of children in their darkest hour. Watch the video to hear their story.

With every year that goes by, crises become more frequent, last longer and affect more people. The needs are huge, but so is our determination to reach every last child in crisis. Your donation today could save lives.