Give the gift of possibility this Ramadan.


After two years of COVID-19 restrictions, it's finally possible to come together and celebrate this Holy Month. But as we celebrate, it is important to reflect and think of those who are less fortunate than us and struggle to put food on their tables. This Ramadan, you can help children living in conflict.

Meet Remas*, a 7 years-old child who stands in the rain outside her family tent. Over a decade of conflict has meant a huge number of Syrian children are living in displacement camps. The camps offer little protection against the harsh weather of winter, including heavy rain, flooding, and low temperatures.

Millions of children have experienced horrors no child should ever know. That’s why we need your help so we can help meet the needs of families like her in Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and around the world as they face crisis and disaster.

Your donation can provide children with the food, nutrition and medicine they need to give them the best chance of a future they deserve.

Today, your Sadaqah can make a difference to children like Sara.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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Nearly 200 million children living in a conflict zone and over 34 million have been displaced by a conflict. And, there is no end in sight.  Everyday, they threat of conflict, hunger and the climate crisis. For many, this means hunger, poverty, fear, and the loss of healthcare and education.

Our teams are working tirelessly to provide the resources children need to overcome war, famine and other crises - helping them build brighter, more hopeful futures. These efforts rely on your support.

Sadaqah donation can help protect children around the world living in conflict and help them grow up healthy, educated and safe from harm. 

Your donation today could save lives.