Many girls and young women in Afghanistan are struggling to access their fundamental right to education. They are left to face crushing disappointment and hopelessness about their future – but we can help.

Send a message of hope in solidarity.

Afghanistan is facing an education crisis. 10 million children are at risk of dropping out of school. Even before the Taliban took over, community attitudes, insecurity, poverty, poor infrastructure, inadequate learning materials and a lack of female teachers stopped girls from entering classrooms.

Education is a lifeline for children, especially girls. Without it, they face an increased risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation. 

Girls and young women have an uncertain future - will you send a message of support?

How it works:
Write a message to girls in Afghanistan and show we stand with them.
Send messages will be translated and our teams on the ground will deliver letters to girls in our programs.
Deliver you can help us give girls and young women in Afghanistan a reason to smile and hope today. 

To help get you started, here's an example of the type of message you may wish to send:

To all the girls and young women in Afghanistan,

I am devastated to hear that it is so difficult for you and other girls in Afghanistan to access your right to an education. I can only try to imagine how hard it must be for you right now. 

You have the right to learn, and you deserve to see that right realised!

I am thinking of you and remain hopeful for your future. Please don't forget your dreams. I am standing with you and all the other girls in Afghanistan.

We will also feature some of the messages on our website and social media channels to inspire others to spread hope too. 


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