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Support the Children's Emergency Fund

Mozambique Cyclone

Children Urgently Need Your Help NOW

Tropical Cyclone Idai has ripped through Mozambique, leaving a trail of destruction in its path.

Our response

Our expert teams are on their way preparing to help children caught up in this disaster. Donate now to our Emergency Fund and help us provide vital emergency support like:

  • Emergency supplies, including blankets, jerry cans, tarpaulin and rope to keep families who have lost their homes safe
  • Buckets, jerry cans and water purification tablets so families can access clean, safe drinking water
  • Hygiene kits to help keep families clean and stop the spread of deadly diseases

Donate now to our Emergency Fund to help us protect children affected by this cyclone, and other disasters like it around the world.

Our emergency fund

This special reserve of money allows us to coordinate a humanitarian response so that in the event of an emergency – like the Mozambique Cyclone – we're able to act quickly and save countless lives. Thank you for your compassion and action by donating now.

A charity you can trust

In fiscal year 2018, 86% of all expenditures went where it was most needed by children, our program delivery service.

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We use your gift wisely

Pie chart of how we use our funds
  • 87% Program Services
  • 8% Fundraising
  • 5% Management & General